Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Mark's here"

My Dad,

There are a few things in life that I've often have pondered and the mystery of it all is more than the human mind can fully comprehend. One of these mysteries is the death of a loved one.
May 31st 2007 this mystery unraveled unexpectedly as it came knocking on my door when we were told in the hospital waiting room that my Dad of 82 , who had been in surgery for 11 hours for heart surgery was having difficulties breathing on his own. We were told that the oxygen wasn't getting through to his blood even though the heart surgery was more or less successful. Furthermore we were told that we should prepare ourselves for the worst. My heart sank but then I reached out to God who I knew held the keys to life and death. As I prayed I asked for His will to be done in my Dads life I knew that it would be best if I left it in his hands. My Mom lowered her head into her hands as she sat in her wheel chair and quietly sobbed as we prayed with her and reassured her that he wasn't gone yet and not to give up. The minister prayed with her as well and tried to be of comfort. Who ever had cell phones placed calls to various individuals and support groups as we waited. The moments quickly progressed and then we were told by the doctor that we should go see him for the last time while he was still alive.
I gathered all of my kids together and started down the hallway and up the elevator with my Mom and brothers and sister with all of there family members that had arrived.
As we entered the room my Dad laid motionless with tubes in his mouth and arms all connected to various supporting electronic apparatus at his bed side, the doctor talked to those who had questions. The nurse told us that it was ok to talk to him. Each one of us went up and touched him on the arms and forehead as we looked for a sign of hope.
Naturally these were moments of anticipation and concern for his health. Then the nurse told us that they needed to make some adjustments and that we should leave the room and wait until they were done. In the waiting room someone began to pray as each of us reached out to God for his guidance and healing mercy.
My brothers and I had gone off with our Mom to another area to talk with her. Soon we were told to come back in the room because Dads condition was slipping at a rapid rate. As we entered the room we were informed that he wouldn't make it and that he had moments to live. We all said our good byes and sang a song from church. Soon the alarms began to sound off at 7:35 and the attending nurse said I'm so sorry, he's gone. They turned off the electronic support systems and a hush of sadness gripped each of our hearts. So sad to say the least as our eyes filled with tears and no one could hold back their emotions as we cried together.
I have every reason to believe that My Dad slipped away into the arms and presents of his heavenly father where he was given a new body and the pain of the earth was gone forever. What a good classic movie with a abrupt ending that I wish could have lasted longer.
I loved my Dad, He meant a lot to me as he was always there when I need him. He was also there in prayer every day as he would pray for me and each of my family members. Each of them are saved and have Christ as their hope for eternity. My dad will be missed by all of us so much so that when I went to visit my Mom the next day to make funeral arrangements, my ears were programmed in anticipation to hear the sound of my Dad say, "Mark's here" as I stepped up to the back door of my parents home I reached up and opened the back door of my Moms kitchen as I so often did .I soon realized that those sounds were now called memories and that it would never be herd again.
Someday when I die I want my Dad to greet me at the gates of heaven and say, "Marks here", as he raises up his hands in a gentle wave and then the familiar hug and embrace.

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  1. My dad went home 9/2008. Guess they both are there waiting on us. :)